Resolve "Login Failed. Activation or Authorization Error" in ConnectRight Mailer

Learn how to resolve the error "Login Failed. Activation or Authorization Error." in ConnectRight Mailer.
Products affected: ConnectRight™ Mailer


When launching ConnectRight™ Mailer in stand-alone mode, the error message "Login Failed. Activation or Authorization Error." appears.
Note: ConnectRight Mailer is considered to be in stand-alone mode when ConnectRight Mailer is not integrated with PBFirst™. ConnectRight Mailer is considered to be in integrated mode when both ConnectRight Mailer and PBFirst are running on the same computer and are integrated. A typical way to integrate is to select Postal Codes or Postal Codes\Presort in PBFirst.


The computer name was changed, causing ConnectRight Mailer to no longer recognize the computer being used as the correct computer.


Uninstalling and reinstalling ConnectRight Mailer will overwrite the corrupted files with stable data files, which will resolve the error:
  1. If ConnectRight Mailer is open, close ConnectRight Mailer.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel:
    • If using Windows 7 or below, select the Windows Start > Control Panel.
    • If using Windows 8 or above, right-click on the Windows Start > Control Panel.
  3. Ensure View by (in the upper right corner of the Control Panel) is set to Large icons or Small icons.
  4. Select Programs and Features.
  5. Highlight ConnectRight Mailer and select Uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall ConnectRight Mailer.
  6. Download and install ConnectRight Mailer.
The error message should now no longer appear and you should be able to use ConnectRight Mailer. If the error still appears, contact software support.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021