Setting the lock code on the mailstation series

Learn how to set your lock code on the mailstation or mailstation2.
Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™
Use the lock code to prevent unauthorized access to your system after your machine powers up and/or enters sleep mode.
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press Review (down) to scroll to Change Setup?
  3. Press Enter/Yes.
  4. Press Review (down) to scroll to Use Lock Code Setup?
  5. Press Enter/Yes.
  6. If a lock code has been established, the meter prompts you to enter the lock code at this point. Enter the four-digit code.
  7. Press Enter/Yes.
  8. Press Review (down) to scroll to Turn On Lock Code.
  9. Press Enter/Yes at the Set A Lock Code? prompt.
  10. Enter a four-digit code.
  11. Press Enter/Yes.
  12. Enter the same code again to confirm. A message confirms your choice.
  13. Press No when asked to Stay in Setup? to return to the Home screen.
Once a lock code is set, press the Lock button to lock the screen.

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UPDATED: January 03, 2023