How to make a deposit to your USPS Prepaid Account

Learn how to make a deposit to your USPS Prepaid Account to pay for postage.

You can prepay for postage funds using a USPS® deposit account. To use this option, complete and fax the form, Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit.

You can make a deposit payment using one of the following:

  • Mail: The correct payee name and address will appear on your statement payment coupons. Please include the coupon along with your payment.
  • ACH/WIRE: If you need additional help sending or formatting electronic payments, please contact your financial institution.

Make checks payable to: USPS, United States Postal Service or CMRS-PB
The remit-to address is based on geographic location. You may send your check to the nearest United States Postal Service lockbox.

Standard Mail Only
Payments will be posted to the account within 10 business days from the date mailed.

PO Box 7247-0166
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0166
PO Box 0566
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0566
PO Box 894766
Los Angeles, CA 90189-4766

Overnight - USPS Address Check made payable to USPS and include 8 digit PB Postage™ account number 
Payments will be posted to the account within 3 business days from the date mailed.
First Data/Remitco
Attn: CMRS-PB Box 0166
400 White Clay Center Drive
Newark, DE 19711
Telephone Number (302) 781-1700
Note: Do not call this number for inquiries.

USPS® Fed Wire & Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Information
Payments made after 3:00pm ET will be processed on the next business day and can take up to 2 business days to be reflected on the account.
  • Bank Name: Citibank Beneficiary
  • Account Name: CMRS/Pitney Bowes Postage by Phone Bank
  • Account Number: 4067-8633
  • Bank Routing Number: 021000089
  • Detail Payment Field: your 8-digit PB Postage Account Number
  • Company ID: 9601631001 (Some banks require an authorization code/company ID.)

UPDATED: April 04, 2023