How to use the OfficeRight DF100 Desktop Folder

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Products affected: OfficeRight® DF100 Desktop Folder
Follow these steps to fold paper using the OfficeRight DF100 Desktop Folder:
  1. Hold the paper lightly at the top center of the sheet to allow the paper to square itself on the folding rollers
  2. Hold the paper so that it lies squarely in the nip (pinch point) of the rollers underneath
    • To fold paper for a windowed envelope, insert the paper into the machine with the top up, and the writing facing you
    • To fold a business letter, insert the paper with the top up, and the writing facing away from you
Note: There will be a brief delay before the folder automatically pulls the paper into the machine.  
  1. Once the folding starts, release the paper
  2. Remove the folded paper from the front slot


UPDATED: August 14, 2021