How to access and use the LCD display menu on printers DA50S, DA70S, and more

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Products affected: DA70S, DA75S, DA70S, DA75S
To access the menus:
  1. Press On Line button. The LCD displays “OFF LINE” and the green light goes out.
  2. For Main Menu, press Menu.
  3. For Setup Menu, press and hold Menu for four seconds.

To navigate within the menus and change settings:
  1. Press Eject - or Cartridge + to scroll through the menu options.
  2. Press Enter to select the desired menu option or a sub-menu option.
  3. Press Eject - or Cartridge + to scroll through the sub-menus within a menu option or the settings within a menu option. An asterisk (*) before the setting indicates that the setting is currently selected.
  4. Press Enter to select a setting. An asterisk will appear before the setting indicating that it is selected.
  5. Press the Menu button to move up a level in the menus.

To exit the menus:
  1. Press the Menu button until the printer LCD displays “OFF LINE”.
  2. Press On Line to enable the printer.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021