Setting up, viewing, and printing history of delivered records in SendSuite Arrival

Learn how to set up, view, and print a history of delivered records in SendSuite Arrival.
Products affected: SendSuite® Arrival®
To set up, view, or print a history of delivered records in SendSuite® Arrival®:

Set up Archive Level
  1. Select Setup.
  2. Select History parameters.
  3. Specify the date range for each archive level.
Note: Each archive level is set to specific date range. You must be careful when adding or editing records in Archive Level 1 or Archive Level 2. Arrival Express system provides storage of older transactions (delivered records) in the following three categories:
  • Current
  • Archive Level 1
  • Archive Level 2
View Archive Level
  1. Open Arrival.
  2. Select Utilities > History level (when no notation displays at the top left of the screen, current data files are displayed).
  3. Select Current to view current data files (exit all active screens before setting a new level).
Note: Associated activities with packages in the following will display corresponding to the Archive Level:
  • Receiving
  • Delivery
  • PO
  • RMA
Print Archive Level Reports
  1. Open Arrival.
  2. Select Reports > History Archive.
  3. Choose a report.
  4. Select the date range.
  5. Print to screen to verify results.
  6. Repeat as needed until the report is shown as desired.
  7. Print the report to the printer.

UPDATED: December 08, 2021