Resolve PlanetPress job does not complete

Learn how to resolve a PlanetPress job that does not complete.
Products affected: PBFirst™, PlanetPress®


When processing a job, the job does not complete and does not produce output, but no error is displayed.


The PBFirst™ Automator is not running, so PBFirst is not being launched by PlanetPress™.


Check if the yellow "H" icon is displayed in the Windows System Tray (by the clock). If the yellow "H" icon is not showing in the Windows System Tray, it means that the PBFirst Automator is not running.
  1. To launch the PBFirst Automator, navigate to the following folder:
  • On 32-bit Windows systems: C:\Program Files\Planet Press Suite 7\PlanetPress Watch\Bin\
  • On 64-bit Windows systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\Planet Press Suite 7\PlanetPress Watch\Bin\
  1. Double-click on the file PBFirstAutomator.exe.
If a job was halted at PBFirst when the PBFirst Automator is launched, PBFirst should automatically open and the job will continue processing.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021