Adding a new user in SendSuite Tracking

Learn how to add a new user in SendSuite Tracking.
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking
  1. On the computer which has SendSuite Tracking, sign in to the SendSuite Tracking Administrator page using an administrator-level username
  2. Select Support > Support > Users.
  3. In the menu on left side of the screen, select New.
  4. Enter the information required per your company specifications. A red asterisk indicates a required field.
    • UserID (required): The ID the user will use to log in to SendSuite Tracking
    • User Name (optional): Name of the user
    • User Phone (optional): Phone number of the user
    • User Site (optional): Keep the default selection of $DEFAULT or select one of the other options from the menu
    • User Type (optional): Keep the default selection of Standard or select Administrator from the menu
    • Group Type (optional): Select one of the options from the menu
    • ConfigurationProfile (optional): Keep the default selection of Default Configuration or select one of the options from the menu
    • TAPlus User: Select if the user will use their UserID to sign in to the Tracking Assistant
    • TAPlus Administrator: Select if the user is an administrator on the Tracking Assistant
    • Access to Designer: Select if the user is to have access to SendSuite Tracking Designer
    • Access to Admin Setup: Select if the user is to have access to SendSuite Administrator Setup
    • New Password (required): Enter the desired password for the user
    • Confirm Password (required): Reenter the desired password for the user
  5. In the menu on the left side of the screen, select Save.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021