DA80F or DA95F envelope printer not printing

Learn how to resolve a DA80F or DA95F envelope printer not printing.
Products affected: Envelope Designer Plus, AddressRight® Addressing System, DA80F envelope printer, DA95F envelope printer


When sending a print job to a DA80F or DA95F envelope printer, it does not print.


The wrong printer is selected in the Envelope Designer Plus preferences.


To correct the printer settings:
  1. Open Envelope Designer Plus.
  2. From the menu at the top, select Edit > Preferences.
  3. Select the Preferences tab.
  4. Select the printer you are using from the Printer Types field.
  5. Select OK at the bottom to save.
  6. You should now see an envelope template that shows only the portion that the fixed print heads can print on.
  7. Add an address and try printing again.
Note: If nothing prints, turn the printer off and back on to clear any print jobs, then try again.

If the issue persists, contact software support.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021