Loading a sheet feeder on the DI900, DI950, and Relay 5000-8000

Learn how to load a sheet feeder on the DI900, DI950, Relay 5000, Relay 6000, Relay 7000, Relay 8000
Products affected: DI900™, DI950™, Relay™ 5000, Relay™ 6000, Relay™ 7000, Relay™ 8000
To load media into a Sheet Tray:
  1. Using the Side Guide Adjuster, open the sides of the Tray wide enough to clear the width of the material.
  2. Fan a small stack of material and then place it into the Tray, in the orientation specified in the loading instructions on the Home screen
  3. Using the Side Guide Adjuster, move the Side Guides in until they lightly touch the material on both sides. When you release the Adjuster, the Guides will automatically spring back to a position that will allow for proper clearance during feeding of the material in the Tray. Side Guides only spring back after they are moved inward.
  4. Lift the Separator and load material into the Tray. Do not load material above the maximum fill line in the tray.

UPDATED: May 28, 2024