How to correct the address position on the DI380, DI425 and more

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Products affected:  DI200™, DI350, DI380™, DI400, DI425™ FastPac Inserting System
Watch this video to learn how to correct the address position in a windowed envelope using the DI380 or DI425 Inserter.

Follow these steps to adjust the address position.
Note: These steps refer to a C-fold, top address document.
  1. Press Trial Piece
  2. Determine if the address is too high or too low, and if so, by how many millimeters
  3. Open the access door
  4. Press Setup. A red LED lights.
  5. Press + (or press -) until the display says 71
  6. Press Next (right arrow) until your job is selected. An asterisk appears under the job number.
  7. Press Next (right arrow) ten times or until the display says Fold A
  8. Press + to move the address down
  9. Press - to move the address up
  10. Press Setup. The red LED goes out.
  11. Close the access door
  12. Press Trial Piece and check the address position in the mail piece. Repeat these steps if further adjustment is needed.

UPDATED: October 20, 2021