How to adjust the address position on the DI500 and DI600

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Products affected: DI500™ and DI600™
Watch this video to learn how to adjust the address position in a windowed envelope using the DI500 or DI600.

Follow these steps to adjust the address position. Note: These steps refer to a C-fold, top address document.
  1. Load the material
  2. Press Trial Piece
  3. Determine if the address is too high or too low, and if so, by how many millimeters
  4. Select No
  5. Select Adjust Address
  6. Press the Up Arrow or the Down Arrow to move the address
Note: This adjustment is in millimeters.
  1. Select Repeat Trial Piece
    • If the address is positioned correctly, press Yes
    • If the address is not positioned correctly, press No and repeat these steps

UPDATED: June 08, 2021