Printing or saving a USPS Electronic Confirmation Page for ConnectRight Mailer

Learn how to print or save a USPS electronic confirmation page for ConnectRight Mailer.
Products affected: ConnectRight™ Mailer
To create a USPS confirmation page:
  1. Sign in to to the USPS Business Customer Gateway.
  2. Select Mailing Services.
  3. Next to Dashboard (PostalOne!), select Go To Service.
  4. Select the beginning date and ending date.
  5. Set Statement Statuses to All – Include all Statement Statuses.
  6. Select Search.
  7. Locate the target job on the search results and select the PS#00000000 link in Postage ID column.
  8. Select Confirmation Page in the Postage Statement.
  9. Select Printer Friendly Version at the top of the Confirmation Page.
  10. Select Printer to print the page, or select Save to save the page as a PDF.
  11. Close the Confirmation Page.
  12. Sign out of the USPS Business Customer Gateway.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021