Corporate W-9 Forms

W9 forms for Pitney Bowes Inc. and W-9 Forms for its subsidiaries/entities.
W-9 forms reflect the physical address listed on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) database for our companies and not the lockbox address(s) on invoices and statements. This is in accordance with W-9 instructions and information available on the Internal Revenue Service website.  As indicated on our W-9 forms we are a corporation and not 1099 reportable. Please delete the 1099 when filing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  1. Select the account / bill type to access the correct completed W-9 form in pdf
Please Note: Though W-9 forms do not have to be re-signed annually.  We aim to have updated signed copies by mid January each year for client convenience.
Global Ecommerce (PB GEC)
PB Worldwide Inc
Pitney Bowes Easy Permit Postage
PB Equipment Management Inc.
Pitney Bowes Inc. (rentals, supplies, service, maintenance, rate updates, MVS invoices)
Pitney Bowes Lease (Global Financial Services, LLC)
Pitney Bowes Reserve Account (FDIC Insured) (Pitney Bowes Prepaid Postage)
Pitney Bowes Wheeler Financial, Inc .
Postal Privilege
Presort Services, LLC. (Pitney Bowes)
Purchase Power (Pitney Bowes Line of Credit)
SECAP Finance

UPDATED: June 21, 2022