How to add new users to SendSuite Arrival

Learn how to add new users to SendSuite Arrival.
Products affected: SendSuite® Arrival® 9.32 and later
Follow these steps to add new users to SendSuite® Arrival®:
  1. Select Maintenance > User Maintenance.
  2. On the General tab, select Add.
  3. Assign the user a unique ID, user code, and name. The user code is used to sign in to Arrival. The user ID and name are connected to the employee database and identifies the user.
  4. Select OK to save.
  5. To set user attributes for a new user based on an existing user, select Like from the horizontal toolbar of the User Maintenance screen:
    1. Double-click in the User Code field to display a list of all users.
    2. Select the code of the user whose information you want to copy.
    3. From the Data to copy field, select the attributes you want to copy from the source user code to the displayed user code. You can copy the attributes from all or only one of the User Maintenance tabs.
    4. Select OK.
    5. Select Edit.
    6. Make any necessary changes on the General tab.
  6. Enter a unique password for the user to sign in and gain access. The password must follow these criteria:
  • Combination of letters and numbers
  • Maximum of 10 characters
  • No punctuation
  1. Enter phone number for user.
  2. Select the site for the employee.
  3. Select Filter by Site to enable it, then select site filter to toggle site filtering on or off.
  4. Select Set as Admin User Only to set the user as system administrator.
  • Admin User can access a limited number of User Maintenance functions in Arrival Setup.
  • System configuration and system maintenance are reserved for full security user.
  1. Select as NetQuery User Only.
  2. Set a default screen for the user after sign on.
  • The selected default screen will bypass the main menu and go directly to a specific data screen. 
  1. Select Allow Only Default Screen to do the following:
  • Prohibit user access to other screens when the default screen is closed
  • Allow user access to only the default screen and vertical menu options on the default screen
  1. Assign a default station range:
Note: If left blank, the user has access from any station.
  • Allow access to stations on a network systems only
  • Limit the number of stations for user access
  • Upon sign on the user accesses the first available station within the selected range
  • User can override the settings workstation range
  • In NetQuery User ID setup, set a default station so user is forced to the last station on the network
Example: For a 3-station network, the NetQuery user must be limited to 3 stations. You would enter 3 for both the Default Station Range - From and Default Station Range -To fields.
  1. Select Force User to Station Range to restrict the user to stations defined in the station range.
Note: When the Force User to Station Range option is used with the Station Setup/Station menu option, users are forced into a specific menu structure.
  1. Select Record User Statistics to collect receive/deliver information for user.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Select Close Window.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021