Tablet on the SendPro C Lite, SendPro C, SendPro+, SendPro C Auto restarts when connected to a wireless network

Contact Pitney Bowes if the tablet restarts when connected to a wireless network.
Products affected: SendPro® C Lite, SendPro® C, SendPro®+, SendPro® C Auto (2H00, 8H00, 9H00)


The tablet automatically restarts once it connects to a wireless network. It reaches the Get Started or Home screen and then restarts. This cycle repeats over and over.


The wireless network is sending an IPv6 DHCP broadcast that contains NULL values. The operating system in the Android 7 (2 Gig) tablet is unable to handle this NULL value.


A Pitney Bowes representative must resolve this issue. Please contact us.

UPDATED: March 21, 2022