"Black/Red on White paper installed now. Change it to Monochrome media and click "Resume" button." message in SendPro Enterprise

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Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


When printing from SendPro Enterprise Stamp Applications using the Roll media option, the following error is displayed:
Black/Red on White paper installed now. 

Change it to Monochrome media and click "Resume" button.

If you want to use the Black/Red on White paper then change the Paper type to "Black/Red" in the printer driver and print again.


The media that is loaded does not match the media the printer is configured for.


For the QL-800 stamp roll printer, SendPro Enterprise only supports SL-SPM02 label stock. Any other stock is not supported for use with SendPro Enterprise.

If SL-SPM02 label stock is already loaded in the printer, refer to Installing and configuring a Brother QL-800 printer for SendPro Enterprise stamp roll printing to verify that the printer settings are correct.

UPDATED: February 18, 2021