How to use the Scale Configuration Utility to connect the SendSuite Live project and the scale

Learn how to establish a connection between the SendSuite Live project and the scale using the Scale Configuration Utility in Internet Explorer.
Products affected: SendSuite® Live
Note: This procedure must be performed by a user with administrative rights on the computer. (Full permission to C:\ProgramData\Pierbridge\ is required.) If you receive an error when attempting to save the configuration, contact your IT department.

Follow these steps to establish a connection between the SendSuite® Live project and the scale:
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Tools > Scale Configuration Utility. The Scale Configuration Utility should open.
Note: If the Tools menu is not available, click in a blank area of the page, then select either the F10 key or the Alt key to display the toolbar.
  1. Select the appropriate Scale Type from the menu.
  2. If no scale is present, disconnect the power to the scale, wait at least 3 minutes, then reconnect it.
  3. Select the Weigh button.
  4. Attempt to “zero” the scale. If an error is displayed, ignore it.
  5. Select OK.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021