Viewing products in Cost Accounting

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Products affected: Cost Accounting

Follow these steps to view the products you have associated with Cost Accounting.

  • Click User-added image (Settings), then click Selected Products.

Your products will be displayed on the page.

Products and Accounts

The colored tiles at the top of the list indicate

  • How many products are assigned to an account list, and how many are remaining (based on your subscription plan)
  • How many cost accounts you're using, and how many are remaining (based on your subscription plan)

Status Icons

There may be status icons visible in some of your products.

User-added image The product is associated with a shared Cost Account list.

User-added image Hover the mouse over the icon to see the alert. This could mean

  • Cost accounts are in sync.
  • Cost accounts are not in sync. The accounts will be synchronized the next time a user runs mail on the machine.

User-added image Not available. Product is associated to some other Cost Accounting subscription.


You can filter the view by Product Type, Locations, and Accounts.

This is useful if you are managing a large number of mailing machines.

UPDATED: November 04, 2020