Adding sub accounts in Cost Accounting

Learn how to add sub accounts in Cost Accounting
Products affected: Cost Accounting

Sub accounts and sub sub accounts are an optional feature to provide more levels of detail in Cost Accounting.

Follow these steps to add a sub account that's grouped under a main account. You can also add another level of sub sub accounts.

  1. Click + (Add) at the end of an account or sub account row.
  2. Enter the required account information. 
    • Account name: This can be any name you assign to an account.
    • Code: This is a unique code that you can assign to identify the account.
    • Description: If necessary, you can enter a description
    • Status: You can set the account status to active or inactive.
    • Account password: You can create a password to restrict access to accounts
  3. OPTIONAL: Assign a Password to the account. 
  4. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.

The sub account or sub sub account will be displayed below the parent row. You may need to click the arrow icon next to the account name to display the row.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021