First time setup in Cost Accounting

Products affected: Cost Accounting

The first time you use Cost Accounting, you will see your Product list. Follow these steps to begin using the service.

Note: You will only see products which are compatible with Cost Accounting. As of this release, this includes the SendPro C-Series.

  1. Click any product listed. The Get Started button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. .
  2. If you do not see any products, click + Add Products
  3. Click Get Started. The Cost Accounts page will be displayed.
  4. Create one or more accounts for tracking your postage and shipping costs.

Once you have done this, Cost Accounts will be your default landing page.

Any accounts you create will be downloaded to your products when you use the product and select an account for your mailings. For more information, refer to the Help feature on your product.

UPDATED: November 17, 2017