What can I do with Cost Accounting?

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Products affected: Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting is an account list management service that helps you ensure all your products are using a common, consistent list of cost accounts. This common list provides consistency in charging back your mailing and shipping expenses and tracking your spend across all of your compatible Pitney Bowes products.

With this service, you can:

  • Manage a single cost account list for all your products and have these cost accounts ready for use by your products automatically.
  • Create and modify cost accounts in your list (up to the limit of your purchased subscription).
  • Select which products will use the cost account list (up to the limit of your purchased subscription).
  • Exclude products that have exclusive cost account lists that you want to manage directly from your product.
  • Examine which products have received the most up-to-date cost account list changes.

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UPDATED: May 25, 2021