Using the weighing platform when printing postage on envelopes on the SendPro C Lite, SendPro C, SendPro+, SendPro C Auto

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Products affected: SendPro® C Lite, SendPro® C, SendPro®+, SendPro® C Auto  (2H00, 8H00, 9H00)
Use your device to weigh your mailpiece and calculate the correct postage for you.
  1. Tap Print on Envelopes or Envelope Printing on the Home screen.
  2. Tap the weight button.
    Weight button for printing postage
  3. Tap Scale.
  4. Place the envelope on the weighing platform. You must do this before the next step or else the Apply button will remain inactive.
  5. Tap Apply.
  6. Tap Class on the Envelope Printing screen.
  7. Select the class. If necessary, select Start Over. to display all of the class options. 
  8. Select any special services required.
  9. Tap Apply.
  10. Place the envelope or envelopes on the feed deck. Depending on the SendPro C model you have, feed the envelopes manually or tap Start to feed the envelopes.

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UPDATED: February 18, 2021