Resolve "There is an invalid .mpa Permit Number and .mpa Postage Payment Method combination" when sending Mail.dat file in PBFirst

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Products affected: PBFirst™, ConnectRight™ Mailer


When trying to send the Mail.dat file in PBFirst™, PBFirst fails to send the Mail.dat and displays the following error message:
There is an invalid .mpa Permit Number and .mpa Postage Payment Method combination; the Permit Number must reference an active permit for the associated payment method at the .mpa Permit ZIP+4 code in the .mpa file.


The secondary payment method permit imprint number is missing if using precanceled stamp or meter mail.


A Permit Imprint account is required.

Section 2.3.4 Additional Postage of the USPS Postal Service Mail.dat Technical Specification states that "When postage affixed (precanceled stamp or meter) is used, the file must include a separate MPA record. This separate MPA record MUST be linked to a Permit Imprint account; Postage Payment Method must be a ‘P’."

If your company does not have an additional Permit Imprint number available, you can apply for a Permit Imprint.

To update ConnectRight™ Mailer with the additional Permit Imprint number:
  1. Open PBFirst.
  2. Sign in using Advanced user as the username with no password.
    • For PBFirst DF:
    1. Select Setup > Postal Code.
    2. Take note of the job name in the Select CRM Job Handle field.
    • For PBFirst PD:
    1. Select Setup Job Options CRM Options.
    2. Take note of the job name in the Select CRM Job Handle field.
  3. Close PBFirst.
  4. Open ConnectRight Mailer.
  5. Under Recent mail lists, select any mail list.
  6. Select the Job Definitions icon or select Process List > Job Definitions.
  7. Select the job name that was in the PBFirst Select CRM Job Handle field.
  8. Select Apply.
  9. Under Process Definition select Presort.
  10. Select the Mail.dat options tab.
  11. Type in the secondary permit number in the Secondary permit no field.
  12. Type in ZIP+4 code in the Secondary permit ZIP+4 field.
  13. Select Save.
  14. Select Close.
  15. Under Process Definition, select Save as Job Definition.
  16. Select the same job name.
  17. Select Save.
  18. Select Overwrite on the message.
  19. Close ConnectRight Mailer.
  20. Test.
If this does not resolve the issue, contact software support.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021