Shipping a manual package with the MailCenter App in SendPro Enterprise

Learn how to ship a manual package with the MailCenter App in SendPro Enterprise.
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise
Watch this video or follow the instructions below to learn how to ship a manual package with the MailCenter App in SendPro Enterprise.

  1. Complete the addressing and billing details:
    1. Enter the Ship To Address:
      • Manual: Enter all required (red asterisk) fields on the Ship To tab. Note: Email is required if sending shipment notifications.
      • Address Book: Click the Address Book button next to the Attention field to open the Address Book. Use the search feature to locate the desired address to which the package will be shipped.
      • History: Click the History button next to the Address Book button to view and select recently-used addresses.
    2. (Optional) Click Validate for address validation.
    3. (Optional) Check Save as new address book entry to save the address for future use.
    4. (Optional) Complete any of the addressing components described in the table below. Each may be accessed via the menu in the addressing section.




      Ship To

      The address to which the current shipment is to be sent.

      ( Optional) Check Save as new address book entry to save to the address book.

      Ship From

      The shipment sender’s address and carrier account.

      (Optional) Check Request email notification when delivered to receive a delivery email notification upon delivery.

      Bill To

      The address and carrier account details to which freight and carrier fees should be charged.


      Importer of Record (International Only)

      Details of the entity responsible for Customs compliance.


      Alt. Return Address

      The return address which will be printed on the carrier label.


      Ultimate Consignee (not in use)

      The actual intended recipient of a shipment, other than the agent or bank to whom it is originally consigned for collection purposes.

      Not currently in use.

      Freight Forwarder (not in use)

      The address and phone number of the Freight Forwarder, if used.

      Not currently in use.

      Duties Bill To (International Only)

      The address and carrier account to which duties will be billed.


  2. Enter the physical package details:
    1. On the Package tab, complete all required fields needed for the shipment. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
      • If a scale or dimensioner is configured, place the package to be shipped on the scale, then click Weigh to complete the Weight and Dimensions (L x W x H) fields.
      • If no scale or dimensioner is configured, manually enter the weight and dimensions (if required).
    2. For international shipments, at the bottom of the page click the + ADD ROW button. Fill in all required fields.
    3. For international shipments, complete all required details on the International tab and line item rows.
    4. (Optional) Complete the Chargebacks tab for internal accounting.
    5. (Optional) Enter shipment reference details on the References tab.
  3. Select the Carrier and Service:
    • Manually: Select the desired values from the Carrier, Service, and Package Type menus.
    • Rate Shop:
    1. Select the desired Rate Group from the Carrier menu.
    2. (Optional) Click the down arrow to the right of the Package Type menu to select advanced Rate Shopping options, then click Rate.
    3. (Optional) Change the criteria as needed to view additional options. Click the desired Carrier and Service combination, then click Confirm Rate.
  4. (Optional) Once the Carrier and Service is specified, optionally click on Special Services to view and select the available options.
  5. Once all required shipment information has been entered, click Ship to complete the shipment and produce the necessary carrier labels and associated documentation.

UPDATED: August 15, 2022