J785 handheld scanner used with SendSuite Arrival beeping

Learn how to resolve issues with a J785 handheld scanner used with SendSuite Arrival beeping.
Products affected: J785, TAPlus, SendSuite® Arrival®


A J785 handheld scanner is beeping.


There are several different types of beeping sounds/patterns the J785 scanner can emit, which have different causes.


The J785 scanner can emit the following types of beeping patterns:
  • Continuous beeping while the computer is turned off or in low power standby mode: This is normal as no signal is detected through the USB cable. The light on the cradle will also change from green to blue. To resolve this, turn the computer back on or take it out of standby mode.
  • Four long low beeps when scanning a barcode: This indicates a transmission error when scanning a barcode and can usually be resolved by resetting the scanner.
  • Four short high beeps: This indicates that the battery is getting low. To resolve, place the scanner in the cradle for several hours.
  • Short high-low beeps: This indicates the scanner has unpaired with the cradle. This can be resolved by scanning the pairing barcode on the cradle, then placing the scanner back in the cradle for fifteen seconds. Test by opening Notepad and scanning a barcode. If the barcode shows in Notepad, the pairing was successful.
  • Low-medium-high beeps: This indicates that the scanner is powering up. Wait until it finished powering up.
  • Short low-high beeps: This indicates that the scanner has successfully paired with the cradle. No further action is needed.
  • Long low-high beeps or long low-high-low-high beeps: This indicates an unsuccessful pairing attempt and can usually be resolved by resetting the scanner.
If these steps do not resolve the issue, or if your device is beeping in a way other than those described here, contact software support.

UPDATED: February 18, 2021