Resolving a paper mismatch on a RISO ComColor printer

Learn how to resolve a paper mismatch on the Riso ComColor printer.
Products affected: RISO ComColor


A print job does not print and a paper feed error displays.


Potential causes for this error include the following:
  • Paper loaded in the standard tray is not the correct size for the current print job
  • Side guides may not be set correctly
  • Printer may be configured incorrectly


Watch this video to learn how to resolve a paper mismatch from the standard tray:

Follow these steps to clear the error:
  1. Select Error
  2. Select Cancel
  3. Verify that the paper size listed matches the paper size loaded in the desired tray:
    1. Press Home
    2. Select Printer
    3. Select the Functions tab
    4. Select Feed Tray. The paper size displays.
Note:  If irregular size displays, adjust the side guides. If the irregular size is a custom size, select that size.
  1. Press Home to return to the home screen. The printer is now ready for use.

UPDATED: October 21, 2021