Resolve Address Too High message on printer when processing a print job on AddressRight Addressing System

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Products affected: DA50s AddressRight® Addressing System, DA55s AddressRight® Addressing System, DA70s AddressRight® Addressing System, DA75s AddressRight® Addressing System


When processing a print job, the message "Address Too High" is displayed on the printer.


The following can cause the "Address Too High" message to display:
  • The envelope layout does not match the media being fed through the printer
  • Film and/or dust has built up on the sensors
  • The carriage return setting needs to be changed to fit the media size
  • Only a small piece of information is being printed on the envelope, like a pair of initials


Follow these steps to resolve the "Address Too High" message:
  1. Review the address layout:
    1. Check if the address is within 1/8'' from the top of the envelope/media.
    2. If the address is less than 1/8" from the top of envelope/media, move the address down.
  2. Clear dust off of the sensors:
    1. Lift the transport door.
    2. Use compressed air to blow dust away from the sensors.
  3. Change the Carriage Return setting on the printer:
    1. Press the Online button on the printer. The green light to the upper right of the Online button should turn off.
    2. Press and hold the Menu button for two seconds until Setup Menu appears on the screen.
    3. Using the "+" (up) and "-" (down) buttons, scroll down to Communication and select the Enter button.
    4. Using the "+" (up) and "-" (down) buttons, scroll down to Line Termination and select the Enter button.
    5. Using the "+" (up) and "-" (down) buttons, scroll down to CR=CR+LF;LF=CR+LF and select the Enter button. An asterisk should appear to the left of the option to confirm selection.
    6. Press and release the Menu button until the screen shows OFFLINE.
    7. Select the Online button. The green light to the upper right of the Online button should turn on.
    8. Turn the printer off and back on to clear any remaining jobs stuck in the printer queue.
  4. Add a second message block to the template:
    1. Select Edit > Add Message.
    2. In the Message Block window, type in something small that will be virtually undetectable, like a period.
    3. Select OK.
    4. Select File > Save.
    5. Try printing your envelopes again.

If the issue persists, contact us.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021