"Low Battery" or "Battery Urgent" message on the mailstation series

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Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™


Your meter displays the message "Low Battery" or "Battery Urgent". You cannot run mail.


Your meter's internal battery is nearing the end of its life.


When you see the "Low Battery" or "Battery Urgent" message, you must first clear the message so that you can run mail and then create a case to replace your meter. It is not possible to replace the battery.

  1. Press the Clear/Back button to clear the message and run mail until the replacement meter arrives.
  2. If pressing the Clear/Back button does not clear your error message, restart your meter to clear the message.
    1. Unplug the power cord.
    2. Wait one full minute.
    3. Plug the power cord back in, ensuring that the meter plugs directly into a wall outlet.
  3. Create a Technical Support case to request a replacement meter.

UPDATED: May 27, 2021