"Account does not have sufficient balance; a refill is in progress, please try again" message in SendPro Enterprise

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Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


When attempting to ship a package using the PB Shipping API, the following error is displayed:
Package 1 has failed validation.
Error message from PB Shipping
API: Account is not having
sufficient funds.
Message:Account does 
not have sufficient balance; a refill is 
in progress, please try 

000034927 error message example


The postage refill process has not yet completed.


The postage refill process should only take a few minutes. Usually, if you wait 60-90 seconds before attempting to process again, this error will go away once the postage refill process is complete.

If the error is not resolved after a few minutes, contact the Pitney Bowes Purchase Power department to verify that your funding account is in good standing, then contact Pitney Bowes software support for assistance.

UPDATED: June 07, 2021