"Account does not have sufficient balance; a refill is in progress, please try again" message in SendPro Enterprise

Learn how to resolve a "Account does not have sufficient balance; a refill is in progress, please try again" message when shipping using the PB Shipping API in SendPro Enterprise.
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


When attempting to ship a package using the PB Shipping API, the following error is displayed:
Package 1 has failed validation.
Error message from PB Shipping
API: Account is not having
sufficient funds.
Message:Account does 
not have sufficient balance; a refill is 
in progress, please try 

000034927 error message example


The postage refill process has not yet completed, or there is an issue with the funding source.


If this message says "a refill is in progress", this means that a postage refill is currently taking place. Refills are normally completed within 60-90 seconds. After closing the error message, you should be able to successfully process a shipment.

If the message states that the account “does not have sufficient balance” and does not say “a refill is in progress”, this means that there is an issue with your funding account associated with this carrier. Check your Pitney Bowes Purchase Power or Reserve Account to ensure that adequate funds are available.

If the error message returns after verifying that funds are available in your account, please contact us using the Contact Us options below.

UPDATED: August 05, 2021

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