Error W016-3301 Stacker not moving or responding on RISO printers

Learn how to resolve error W016-3301 on RISO printers.
Products affected: RISO printers


When sending a job to the printer, error W016-3301 appears. The stacker is not moving or responding.


An incident can occur where an object hits the stacker and breaks the support bracket of the fence. The result is that the switch will not activate, indicating that the fence is in the up position and ready for a print job.


All three fence switches need to be closed in order to activate movement of the stacker.

Test Criteria

Diagnostics > 3400 (AS Side Fence HP Position)

Diagnostics > 3402 (AS End Fence HP Position)

Diagnostics > 3404 (AS Fence 1 Cycle Action)

UPDATED: June 21, 2021