PBIL version 4.7.0 Release Notes (February 18, 2021)

PBIL Release Notes for 4.7.0 (February 18, 2021)
Products affected: PBIL

New Features

  • 2112: Parcel Software Update Management
    • Three options for updating the software
      • Select a scheduled time
      • Auto update
      • Disabled
    • Define maintenance window
    • View history of updates to the Parcel software
    • View release notes for Parcel software versions
    • Requires Parcel version 4.0 and higher
  • 1668: Temporary Users as Recipients
    • Global setting to enable the use of temporary recipients
    • Allows entering recipient information for a reservation without selecting from the recipients list in the tenant
    • The recipient data is only saved with the package and not the tenant
    • This is mostly used in retail applications with multiple businesses
  • 2190: User defined error message that is displayed to end user at the locker bank
    • Requires Parcel version 3.8 and higher



  • Reservations in PBIL via the browser
    • Added support for adding to existing reservations
    • Added support for Expected Parcel feature
    • Added locker info carry over option
    • Added support for editing reservations
    • Improved recipient selection
    • Improved locker bank selection
  • 2113: Improved scheduled task processing
  • 2122: General browser UI enhancements
  • 2191: Verify URL in Third Party API callback subscriptions
  • 2314: Security Audit Log enhancements
  • Improvements to error messages returned to Parcel
    • Requires Parcel v3.8 and higher


Bug Fixes

  • 2315: Resolved sending notifications to multiple email addresses
  • 2306: Resolved issue modifying a user through the Service Portal
  • 2261: Removed audit log transactions created by automated tasks
  • 2242: Resolved using the browser refresh via the Service Portal
  • 2220: Resolved Number Ranges filter not working
  • 2203: Source in package history now displays correctly for internal tasks
  • 2202: Resolved issue with auto canceling a reservation that started as an expected package
  • 2200: Resolved issue where department reservations via Third Party API where completing when there were no authorized users defined
  • 2163: Resolved unexpected errors when uploading a Users file via the browser
  • 2154: Resolved error when using Resend Email feature in package history

UPDATED: March 19, 2021