Parcel Locker Bank Interface version Release Notes (March 24, 2021)

Parcel Locker Bank Interface Release Notes for version (March 24, 2021)
Products affected: Intelligent Locker AM Series


  • Optimized multi-language routines
  • Added more logging to internal log table for troubleshooting
  • Isolated workflow session state to prevent data leaking from an old session


Bug Fixes

  • 2144: Limit size of API errors table to prevent software from crashing
  • 2226: Resolved SSTO recipient lookup errors
  • 2131: Fixed stale package search lookup for SSTO
  • 2244: Fixed issue with background task causing software to crash
  • 0000: Fixed issue with API errors being posted to wrong table
  • 2402: Fixed minor issue with display of locker in package pickup
  • 2459: Fixed issue when forcing a download of administrators from PBIL
  • 2465: Fixed issue with locks firing multiple times for a door open routine
  • 2466: Fixed issue with displaying stale lockers in the administration menu
  • 2469: Fixed issue with reassigning a reservation to a new locker
  • 2472: Removed heartbeat errors from being sent to PBIL which will in turn prevent them from being sent in an email. Only errors that happen during end user interactions will be sent.

UPDATED: March 09, 2023