Managing cases online

How to see the status for a case and interact with the individual working the case.
Support cases raised with Pitney Bowes can be monitored through the Your Account online portal. Access the button below or follow the steps to sign in and view case updates, add comments and attachments, or close cases.  

Manage an open case online 

  1. Go to the signin page
  2. If prompted, select a portal, otherwise, you will be directed to your Your Account dashboard. 
    • Your Account for billing, account management, leases and rentals 
    • Shipping 360 for the shipping and mailing cloud-based platform 
  3. Select the Support & Cases menu and click Manage Your Cases
  4. The Manage Cases dashboard is displayed. 
  5. Select the desired case to open the details page.

Helpful Tips 

  • Select Add Comment to request an update or send additional details to the individual working on the case.
  • Use the Close Case button to notify us you no longer need assistance
  • Use the Add and Attachment link to upload documents or attachments. 

UPDATED: February 09, 2024