Paying for SendPro Online or PitneyShip Postage and Shipping

SendPro® Online, PitneyShip™
Your shipping and postage expenses are maintained independent of your SendPro Online or PitneyShip subscription. 

How it works
  • To print USPS stamps and shipping labels, you must have a postage balance available in SendPro Online or PitneyShip.
  • Each time you print a USPS stamp or label, that amount is subtracted from your postage balance.
  • When your postage balance is too low to complete a transaction, you need to refill by adding more funds. 
  • Other carriers, like UPS and FedEx, charge your shipping costs directly to your existing UPS or FedEx account. 
USPS Postage Account Funding Options 

UPDATED: July 10, 2023