Freeing up ParcelPoint Smart Lockers by ending reservations

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Products affected: ParcelPointâ„¢ Smart Lockers

As mail room administrator or locker operator, you can free up lockers for additional reservations and drop-offs by ending existing reservations.

  1. From the manage locker screen, tap on Select All.
  2. Tap on the Occupied tab to show and select all of the currently occupied lockers.
  3. Tap End Reservation.
  4. The system opens all of the locker doors. Be sure to remove all of the packages and close the doors. The lockers will then be available for reservations and drop-offs.

    If for any reason, the system is unable to open a locker door, the manage locker screen displays the following message.
    Be sure and contact Pitney Bowes. If you have other package to remove, tap Collect Another Package and continue.

UPDATED: June 03, 2021