Choosing another locker at the ParcelPoint Smart Lockers

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Products affected: ParcelPointâ„¢ Smart Lockers

If a package does not fit in the locker, or if the locker fails to open for any reason you can choose another locker.

  1. If the locker fails to open, the kiosk screen displays the following message.
    Tap Choose another locker.

    If the package will not fit, tap Does not Fit at the following screen.

  2. The kiosk screen displays the available locker sizes.
  3. Choose the next larger locker size, in this example, Medium.
  4. The kiosk screen displays the locker number and shows that it's open.
  5. Place the package in the locker and close the door.
  6. If this is the last package, tap Done and the kiosk displays the Home screen.

UPDATED: June 03, 2021