PBIL version 4.8.0 Release Notes (May 14, 2021)

PBIL version 4.8.0 Release Notes (May 14, 2021)
Products affected: PBIL

New Features

  • 2328: Added integration to ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers
  • 2625: Added language support for English (United Kingdom


  • 2150: Begin to modernize emails with web-based barcode image instead of inline attachment
  • 2427: Dates and times are formatted based on the browser’s default language
  • 2500: Added validation to fields where multiple email addresses are accepted
  • 2641: Cancel reservation setting increased to a max of 72 hours

Bug Fixes

  • 1860: Resolved authentication issues that required browser refreshes
  • 2436: Removed requirement for locker sharing feature to be enabled for rear loading lockers
  • 2474: Improved the email subject to the locker admin when a package is added through the rear into a locker that does not match the reservation (Only affects SST clients)
  • 2503: Resolved issue on the reserve screen where a tracking number entered for a retrieved package was identified as an existing reservation
  • 2522: Refined permissions for report widget editor
  • 2542: Remove system notifications for deleted locker banks
  • 2578: Refined and improved error messages returned in the API

UPDATED: February 16, 2023