Delivering to a rear-loading locker in PBIL

Follow these steps to use PBIL to directly load a rear loading locker.
Products affected: PBIL, Intelligent Lockers

Follow these steps to use Pitney Bowes Intelligent Lockers (PBIL) to directly load a rear loading locker.

  1. Login to PBIL.
    1. On the hand-held unit, open the browser.
    2. Enter your name and password.
  2. Tap Rear Delivery.
  3. Scan the carrier tracking number of the package. If there is no tracking number to scan, just press the auto button and this will auto generate a number for the package.
  4. Select the receiver or department for the package
    • Start typing the receiver or department. After the third character, predictive typing will search and give you a pick list. Keep typing to refine the search, or select one from the list.
  5. Scan the barcode for the locker box that is receiving the package.
    • If you get an "Invalid barcode" message, rescan the barcode on the locker bank.
    • If you get a "Locker occupied/reserved" message, verify that nothing else reserved for this box and try again
  6. Continue with the next package.


UPDATED: June 29, 2022