Creating a TrackMyMail Reseller Client Account

This article describes how to create a Reseller Client Account for TrackMyMail.
Products affected: TrackMyMail™
  1. Sign into your TrackMyMail account.
  2. Select Admin > Manage Accounts.
  3. Select Create New Account.
  4. Fill out the information for the company. All of the yellow fields are required.
  5. Select Create Account. The Create New User screen opens.
  6. Create a new user for the company:
    1. Enter the User ID.
    2. Enter the password and repeat it.
    3. The Contact Information is pulled from the company account. Update it as needed.
    4. Select the User Permissions for the account:
      • Create Jobs: Allows the user to submit new jobs
      • Edit Jobs: Allows the user to edit currently submitted jobs
      • Delete Jobs: Allows the user to remove currently submitted jobs
        Note: Deleted jobs are difficult to recover once removed.
      • View Reports Tab: Allows the user to view job reports from the website
      • Edit User Profile: Allows the user to edit the contact information for the user
    5. Select Add User.
  7. Go to the signin page and sign in with the new User ID and password created for the account to verify that it works.
  8. The User ID associated with the account is listed at the top. Perform optional tasks as needed:
    • To add more users for this Reseller Client Account, select Create New Users.
    • To edit the user, select the menu next to the User ID and select Edit User.
    • To delete the user, select the menu next to the User ID and select Delete User.
  9. If you made any changes, select Update Account. If not, select Cancel.

UPDATED: December 02, 2022