Reserving a locker using the Locker Management module

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Products affected: ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers

As mailroom administrator or locker operator, you can reserve a locker ahead of time using Locker Management module so that an assigned locker is available for a specific package as soon as you or a designated client sign in at the kiosk.

If you use SendSuite® Tracking Online, you can also use that application to reserve a locker.

  1. Click on Lockers on the menu at the top of the Home screen.
  2. Select the Reserve Locker option.
    The Reserve Locker screen appears.
  3. Click in the LOCATION field and choosing your location.
  4. Enter the ID in the TRACKING ID field. This may be defined by the customer, the company, or the tracking number of the carrier. If you have a scanner attached, scan in the tracking number.
  5. Select the Personal package option.
  6. Click in the RECIPIENT field and enter the name of the recipient.
    • The recipient must already be in the system contact list.
    • As soon as you enter the first 3 letters of the recipient's name, the system displays all of the names and addresses beginning with those letters.
    • Verify the address and select the recipient.
  7. If the recipient needs to access a locker at a height between 15" to 48" up from the floor (for example, wheel chair level height), click the check box for Requires Accessible Locker.
  8. Click in the LOCKER BANK field and select the locker bank. Only those locker banks assigned to you will appear in the display.
  9. Select Standard for the LOCKER TYPE.
  10. Click in the LOCKER SIZE field and select small, medium or large.
  11. Click Reserve.The system displays the message "Locker Reserved". If the recipient already has a reserved locker, you will be prompted to either add a new package to the existing locker, or select a new locker.

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UPDATED: August 24, 2021