Opening a locker remotely using the Locker Management module

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Products affected: ParcelPointâ„¢ Smart Lockers

If a recipient is unable to open a locker door, you can open it remotely using the Locker Management module.

  1. Click on Lockers on the menu at the top of the Home screen.

  2. Select the Manage Lockers option.
  3. Click in the LOCATION field and choose your location, in this example, Demo.
    Once you choose the locker location, the system displays all (ALL) of the lockers within the locker bank.
  4. Select the lockers that are reserved by clicking in the ALL field and choosing Reserved.
  5. Click on the locker you want to open, in this example, 2. If you want to open all of the reserved lockers, click on the Select All option.
  6. Click on the Open Locker button to open the locker door.
    The system opens the locker door.

UPDATED: August 24, 2021