Enabling magstripe reading with the signature pad in SendSuite Tracking Online

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Products affected: SendSuite¬ģ Tracking Online

You can enable and configure the signature pad device for magstripe reading in SendSuite Tracking Online.

  1. Download and install the signature pad app. For instructions, see Installing the Signature Pad App for SendSuite Tracking Online.
  2. Download the MagTek USBMSR Demo v2.02 software.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file MagTekUSBMSRDemo_2.02.exe.
  4. On the Welcome page, click Next.
  5. On the Setup Type page, select No, don't install the source code, then click Next
  6. On the Ready to Install the Program page, click Install.
  7. On the InstallShield Wizard Complete page, click Finish.
  8. Click on the Windows button and select MagTek > USBMSR Demo.
  9. In the USBMSR Demo 2.02 window, click Load File.
  10. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\MagTek\USBMSR\ and select the file Change To Keyboard.txt.
  11. Click Open.
  12. Watch the status message text in the lower left of the USBMSR Demo 2.02 window. When the message Detected Keyboard Mode Device is displayed, close the program.
  13. Return to SendSuite Tracking Online.
  14. Select the gear icon in the upper right, then select Delivery.
  15. In the Proof of Delivery section, select the Desktop tab.
  16. For Scan ID card, choose the desired behavior:
    • Required: All deliveries will require a signature.
    • Optional: Signatures may be captured at the discretion of the user.
    • Off: Disables collecting signatures by any means on the desktop.
  17. At the far right of the Scan ID card row, select Card Reader.
  18. For Identify a recipient using, choose the appropriate recipient identification method.
  19. (Optional) Select a custom field to be displayed in the identified recipient's package list.
  20. Select Save.

UPDATED: August 25, 2021