PBIL version 5.1.1 Release Notes (October 21, 2021)

PBIL Release Notes for version 5.1.1 Release Notes (October 21, 2021)
Products affected: PBIL

New Features

  • 1794: All report data can be exported as a comma delimited file. PBIL-28
  • 2984: New version (v2) of third party API released to support enhanced functions for ParcelPoint™ lockers
  • 2371: Dedicated Locker option to always the open the assigned locker door even if there are no packages in the locker (AM Series only)


  • 2494: Improved error messages during reservation and/or direct load of package to help user fix the problem with the package
  • 2550: Added new variables for notifications (StaleDateTime, TodayDateTime). TodayDateTime accepts modifiers to add days, hours and/or minutes. Example: {var:TodayDateTime0d6h30m}
  • 2559: User is required to enter in current password or PIN when changing those values in MyProfile
  • 2560: Removed admin ability to set a user’s password
  • 2658: Locker banks will remain offline until all required information is entered
  • 2768: Clicking on links in the About menu will open in a new window
  • 2823: Improved user file import to validate file before queueing for import. PBIL-37
  • 2855: Changed import error file to be more descriptive of error that needs to be fixed (SFTP only)
  • 2856: Added sample data for notification testing
  • 2887: Enhanced locker bank menu to display more details of the locker bank
  • 2888: Gear icon has been removed from the locker bank menu and replaced with buttons
  • 2934: Added department reservations for ParcelPoint™ lockers
  • 2989: Packages can now be filtered by more than one package status
  • 3066: Support bulk marking messages read in third party API
  • 3075: Package export now converts date/time fields to local time and includes the UTC offset PBIL-48
  • 3114: Rear loading: hide the mobile keyboard when the cursor is in the barcode field. Allow editing of data if the submission failed.
  • 3117: Remove many of the emails that are sent to the locker admin PBIL-47
  • 3121: Changed kiosk report details to be auto displayed if only one locker bank in system

Bug Fixes

  • 2830: Errors with ParcelPoint™ packages if the status does not match
  • 2850: Log in screen does a case-sensitive match of the user
  • 2853: Audit log paging control not updating after a search
  • 2894: Package search fails to return results when extra spaces are at the end
  • 3101: Cannot update user cell phone or site via third party API.
  • 3114: Rear load page allows filling in fields out of order
  • 3120: Kiosk report summary does not display 0/X values
  • 3169: Third party api reservations return 500 for invalid departments
  • 3187: Some characters in the packages search field generate an error

UPDATED: October 29, 2021