Purchase Power Statements Explained

Purchase power invoice, payment terms and fee structure explained.
Click Here to view a sample of a Purchase Power statement and an explanation of the statement structure. 

Statement Terms 

  • A credit line that allows for consolidated billing of postage, rental, shipping, and supplies. 
  • Itemised statements are issued monthly. 
  • Flexible payment terms allow you to pay the full or minimum amount due or anything in between.
  • Payments are due 27 days from the statement date. See Purchase Power Payment Options.

Summary of Charges Explained

Use the below image for more information on any of the sections within the Summary of Your Charges. 
For information on additional charges that may apply see Purchase Power fees explained

Purchase Summary Explained 

Transactions are grouped by type and summarised in the Purchases field. Individual transactions are itemised on the additional pages of the invoice. 
Note: Use the tips below to see important information within the itemised section of a statement. 
  • Postage Activity: Charges relating to postage meter refills. 
    • 💡 Tip: The description field will show the serial number of each individual meter on the account. 
  • Supplies: Supply orders that were billed to the Purchase Power account.  
    • 💡 Tip: Purchase Order numbers for supply orders will be listed in the details section. 
  • Equipment and Services: Charges for annual maintenance, service callouts and rental. 
    • 💡 Tip: The details section will show cover dates for service/rental contracts. 
  • Shipping: Shipping activity for parcels and packages.

UPDATED: October 19, 2023