Line of credit (Purchase Power) fees explained

Information on fees that can be charged to a Purchase Power account, such as activity fees, late payment charges, finance charges and overlimit fees.

Learn about potential fees on your Purchase Power account, like transaction fees, late payment charges, finance charges and overlimit fees. Discover simple tips to avoid these charges and manage your account effectively.

Activity Fee

An activity fee is assessed based on the aggregate amount of postage you download to your meter within a billing cycle. It will only be assessed if there is activity during that billing cycle. Find your activity fee amount in your Purchase Power Terms & Conditions.

Finance charge 

A finance charge is the interest due for maintaining a balance on your Line of Credit (Purchase Power). 
  • Avoid this charge by paying the balance in full by the due date displayed on your monthly statement.

Overage Fee

Your Purchase Power terms and conditions include a monthly postage purchase threshold. When your postage purchases exceed that threshold across your combined meter and postage accounts, an Overage Fee is assessed on any amount over the threshold during the statement period. The Overage Fee covers the cost of funds borrowed over that threshold. You are billed for that purchase on your monthly Line of Credit (Purchase Power) statement. You can find your Overage Fee in your Purchase Power terms and conditions.
  • If you routinely exceed your postage threshold, be sure to keep your monthly postage purchases, combined across your meters and postage accounts, under the threshold included in your Purchase Power Terms & Conditions. 

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee is applied when the 'Minimum Payment' due is not received by the due date. Check payments will be posted to the account within 10 days from the date mailed.

Overlimit Fee

An Overlimit Fee is incurred when you exceed your total credit limit for your Line of Credit (Purchase Power). 
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UPDATED: April 11, 2024