Parcel Locker Bank Interface version 4.1.11 Release Notes October 5, 2021)

Parcel Locker Bank Interface Release Notes for version 4.1.11 Release Notes October 5, 2021)
Products affected: Intelligent Locker AM Series


  • Automatic software udpates. Future updates are downloaded from the cloud and applied locally without user intervention. These updates can be automatic, manual, or scheduled through PBIL. For SSTO, the only option is to have it always update during the maintenance window or disabled.


  • Greatly enhanced logging to capture most events including end user choices and responses from connected cloud locker platform
  • SSTO Breaking change: Added new configuration option that allows Direct Delivery to be disabled at the kiosk. This will only affect kiosks connected to SSTO. The default setting is False. To enable the feature when required, edit the configuration.xml file in c:\parcel\ and set the value for <allowKioskReservations> to True.
  • Updated base installer of software
  • Improved software for speed and reliability of system
  • Ignore certain carrier barcodes that cannot be parsed (USPS Postage, FedEx 2D, UPS Maxicode)
  • 2280: Changed formatting of errors for readability
  • 2498: Download PBIL administrators on locker registration
  • 2596: Add more information to logging

Bug Fixes

  • Better clean up of data in memory after a screen time out
  • 2965: Fix issue with double scan on admin screen login
  • 3158: Fix issue with no locker found on kiosk PARCEL-365
  • 3219: Fix issue with changing the locker box size when delivering to a locker bank a package without a reservation
  • 3220: Fix issue with choosing a shared locker box when delivering to a locker bank a package without a reservation
  • 3221: Fix to prevent multiple clicks on the continue button displayed on the package photo screen

UPDATED: April 27, 2022