Returning a package to a locker - PBIL

When you reserve a locker using Intelligent Locker - PBIL, you can turn on the Delivery Pin option. A client can then use this Delivery PIN to return a package to a locker.
Products affected: Intelligent Lockers - PBIL

When you reserve a locker using Intelligent Locker - PBIL, you can turn on the Delivery Pin option. You can send this Delivery PIN to a client who wants to return a package to a locker. You must send the Delivery Pin to the client in an email. The email is not generated automatically.

For example, if a client wants to return a borrowed laptop to their IT department, the client can do so using the Delivery Pin to drop the laptop off in a locker.

The following are the steps the client takes to return the package.

  1. From the Welcome screen on the kiosk, touch anywhere on the screen to begin.
  2. Tap the Pick up/return a package icon.
  3. Scan the Delivery Pin you received in the email.
    1. If there is no barcode for the Delivery Pin, you can enter it manually by tapping Enter manually.
    2. Tap Enter when done.
  4. The system searches for the reservation and opens the locker and displays the locker number.
    NOTE: The number shown on the locker box is the locker box number and not the number of packages contained in the locker.
    If the system fails to locate the reservation, it displays the following message:
    In this case, you need to contact the individual who sent you the email containing the Delivery Pin.
  5. Put the package in the locker and close the door.
    Tap Returned to complete the return process. The system automatically generates and email informing the receiver that the returned package is now ready for pickup.  
    Other available options include:
    • Not returned - tap if you want to cancel the return.
    • Reopen - tap if you need to reopen the locker door for any reason.
    • Need larger locker - tap if the package you are returning does not fit in the locker. Select a different locker size. The new locker opens. Place the package inside and close the locker.

UPDATED: December 06, 2021