Delivering a package at a locker with no reservation - SendSuite Tracking Online

You can reserve a locker directly at the kiosk without having to use a receiving application.
Products Affected: Intelligent Lockers - SendSuite® Tracking Online

You can reserve a locker directly at the kiosk without having to use a receiving application.

  1. From the Welcome screen on the kiosk, touch anywhere on the screen to begin.
  2. Tap the Delivery icon.
  3. To login, scan the SendSuite Tracking Online user name .
    1. If you do not have a barcode for your login, tap Enter manually and use the keyboard to enter the user name.
    2. Tap Enter when done.
  4. Enter your SendSuite Tracking Online password when prompted.
    Tap Enter when done.
  5. The system searches for any stale packages.
    If you need to remove any stale packages login as Administrator or contact your system administrator.
  6. Scan the tracking number barcode on the package. If you are unable to scan the barcode, you can enter it manually by tapping Can't scan.
    In this example you will enter the barcode manually by tapping Can't scan.
    1. Enter the barcode using the keyboard.
    2. Tap Enter when done.
  7. The system searches for a current reservation for the package. Since there is no reservation the system displays the following message.
  8. Using the keyboard, begin typing in the person's name and the system will locate the person or department.
  9. Tap on the row displaying the name of the recipient or department.
  10. If the system is configured to take pictures, it will display the camera area and instruct you to position the package in the camera window.
    Tap Continue when the system displays the image in the camera area.
  11. Select the locker size.
  12. The system opens the locker displays the locker number.
    NOTE: The number shown on the locker box is the locker box number and not the number of packages contained in the locker.
  13. Put the package in the locker and close the door. The system provides you with the following options.
    NOTE: if you do not respond to this screen within 2 minutes, the system automatically delivers the package and logs you out.
  14. Select the appropriate option.
    • Can't scan - If you have more packages to deliver, tap Can't scan and repeat steps from 6 to here. Repeat this process until you have delivered all the packages.
    • Delivered - If you are done delivering packages, tap Delivered and tap Done on the next screen.
      Once you tap Done, the system sends an email to the receiver. The email contains the locker location and the barcode for retrieving the package (s) from the locker.
    • Not delivered - tap this to open the Not Delivered screen options.
      Cancel Delivery - tap if you want to cancel the delivery.
      Reopen - if the locker door fails to open for any reason or if you closed it before delivering the package, tap Reopen.
      Reassign - if the package does not fit in the locker, tap this to assign the package to another locker.
      Tap on the correct button size. The new locker opens. Place the package inside and close the locker and tap Done.
      Back - tap this to return to the previous screen.

UPDATED: December 06, 2021