Picking up Packages from a Locker - SendSuite Tracking Online

When you assign a package to a locker, you can designate an individual recipient to pick up that package.
Products Affected: Intelligent Lockers - SendSuite® Tracking Online

These instructions describe how an individual picks up package(s) from the locker.

  1. From the Welcome screen on the kiosk, touch anywhere on the screen to begin.
  2. Tap the Pickup a package button.
  3. Scan the barcode from the email you received.
    1. If you cannot scan the barcode, tap Enter manually and use the keyboard to enter the barcode number.
    2. Tap Enter when done.
  4. If your system is configured to request a signature or photo for package pickup, you will be requested for it now.
    Sign the screen and tap Continue, or:
    • Tap Clear to clear you signature and sign again.
    • Tap Cancel if you wish to wait to pickup the package. This will return you to the Home screen.
  5. The system opens all locker boxes assigned to you. Retrieve the packages and close the locker doors.
    NOTE: The number shown on the locker box is the locker box number and not the number of packages contained in the locker.

UPDATED: December 06, 2021